Where should I start?


I guess this is where I should start, but I am not sure.

Obituary for Maude F. Lagasse (Aged 96)

I had been researching Maude Powe since 2009 when I found I had a cousin who was a bombardier on a B-24.


Readers who have been following me since God knows when know all about My Forgotten Hobby. I have been building model airplanes since 1958.


This is why I was so excited when I found out in 2009 about Harvey Louis Lagasse Jr.’s story on the Internet.

Harvey Lagasse 2

Harvey Lagasse

Robert Lagasse had told his brother’s story and I followed up on it.

Yesterday I got a message on Ancestry and this is what I got in return beside Maude Powe’s photo and obituary.


Arthur Joseph Myers, son of Julien Myers and Agnes Lagasse


William Costello, brother of Margaret Costello, wife of Frank Arthur Powe


Harvey Louis Lagasse Sr., husband of Maude Powe


Francis Powe son of Frank Powe and Margaret Costello


Eugene F Lagasse, son of Harvey Louis Lagasse Sr.


Mark E Lagasse, son of Harvey Louis Lagasse Jr.


Frank Arthur Powe, husband of Margaret Costello

Now where should I start revisiting the past?

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