Who wrote the note? Revisiting an old post

Ten years ago, I was trying to find out who were some people’s ancestors on an old photo. Comparing old photos is helpful but can lead to wrong conclusions.

Original post

We must assume that the person who wrote Grandpa Lagassy did not know that in 2011 someone would ask that question.

When searching for your roots, every clue is important.

Who wrote the note in the back of the photo? And when did he or she write it?

Most probably the person who wrote that note was his or her grandchild. And then maybe not. Who was it? Not Levi Lagasse because he would have written my father…

Not Lionel Lagasse because he would have remembered he wrote it…

So… Who wrote that note in the back of the photo? I don’t think this is a picture of Dennis II (born in 1842).

Look at this picture…

We didn’t have anything written in the back. It was sent to me by little Germaine Lagasse’s grandchild. Compare the two pictures side by side…

At first, in 2010, I thought that we had Amanda Ménard with her husband Dennis Lagasse III (born in 1864) and two of her first children Harry and Mary Rose Elmira, but it did not fit because Harry was born before Rose Elmira.

And now…?

It’s still a mystery, but now Dennis Lagasse IV and I are getting closer and closer… to a solution. 

Yes Dennis IV, there was also a Dennis I whose real name was Stanislas Lagacé born in 1816. 

But now you already know this don’t you?

I told you.

Dennis IV and I would surely appreciate some help with these pictures.

Next time… another picture sent by Lionel Lagasse, Dennis IV’s father.

This time…

No problemo whatsoever…

End of the original


Ten years later I found out who were these people. Eugene Dube aka Eugène Dubé is posing for posterity with his wife Lillie Lagasse aka Lillie Lagacé. I am still looking for the identity of the two children.

The boy could be Henry Anthony Dube who later married Cecilia Fagan.

Henry Anthony Dubé

The girl could be Eva Dube who later married Edward Douglas Hamilton.

Eva Dubé montage

Eva Dubé

Maybe I will have a confirmation ten years from now.

Going back to what I had written…

 I don’t think this is a picture of Dennis II (born in 1842).

You know how wrong I was in 2011.

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