Unknown people

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I have little to go on trying to identify people on this photo, but I can try….

Unknown names

Pauline sent it.

Hello Pierre,

Hope you are well!!  Just curious about some photos sent to me by Jacques. Neither of us knows who are in these photos except one of them (with children) might be Dr. Gagnon (Joseph?) and Eugene Gagnon to his left?  Could this be a graduation perhaps (diploma in hand?)

Dr. Gagnon.Eugene.Unknowns

The other is a formal shot and I would love to know who is in that photo too. 

Unknown names

I would also like to learn more about Dr. Joseph Gagnon (son of Francois Xavier Gagnon.)


This postcard shows his home/pharmacy but I haven’t found too much about his employment. Curious, where did he get his training? Might he have been a pharmacist? Looks like he made a good living!!

Thanks for any help you can give me on the photos…

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2 thoughts on “Unknown people

  1. Bonjour Pauline and Pierre, I just saw your message as I am in contact with Pierre because of my mother’s connection: Maureen Kunert (née Winters). A very interesting family, but confusing background. The photos are certainly mysterious. I’d love to know more too. My mother sadly passed away a year ago, but I maintain her Ancestry account. Let’s hope we can shed some light on our ancestors! — Susan Zelenko, Wellesley MA

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