If you would like to see the photos I have then I will send them along to you… Take 2

I know this might not be important, but everytime I look at an old photo I am always asking myself… Pierre have you identified the right people?

Case in point…

I am sure this is Mathilde Leblanc who died of cholera in 1884.


After Mathide Leblanc died of cholera, my great-granduncle Pierre Lagacé remarried. Pierre is the old man second on the right.   

The woman on the left is Marie-Louise Côté his second wife.

The woman kneeling is Pierre and Mathilde’s daughter Agnes with her little girl Victoria. Her husband Joseph Lesperance is next to Pierre in the white shirt. He would die in a fire with his daughter-in-law Anna Demers and two grandchildren Robert and Therese Lesperance in 1943.

I always thought the man holding a baby boy was Alphonse Meunier married to Eugénie Lagasse daughter of Pierre Lagacé and Mathilde Leblanc.

But there is a problem with this. Eugénie was born in 1879 and Alphonse was born in 1886. They were married in 1907. This photo has to be taken around 1910 since Joseph Adelard L’Esperance was born in 1909. Eugénie and Alphonse would be respectively 31 and 24 years-old.

There is no way Alphonse Meunier is holding a baby boy.

It took me 10 years to realise this error which makes this so exciting since I have to find out who these two really are and maybe Eugénie Lagasse is the woman in front with her hands folded.

To be continued… 

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