Sunday July 7, 1822

This is one of the most important days in my life. July 7, 1822 was the day my maternal great-great-grandfather was born.

Honoré Sauvé was the son of Joseph Sauvé and Catherine Martin. I had found that out in 1979 when my daughter was born. It was a few days after she was born that I started to get interested with my daughter’s ancestors by filling out her baby book.

My mother was still living so I could ask her who was her paternal grandfather and some more information on her mother Rosina Quesnel’s parents.

My interest was rekindled in July 2007 when my brother brought me some old photos from the past that our aunt Evelyne had.

This is one of them… Honoré Sauvé with his wife Julie Leroux. My mother had written a caption on the back… grand-père du père, grandfather of father.

Léon Sauvé’s photo was also in group of photos brought by my brother.

Léon Sauvé died on September 8, 1918 from pneumonia. I think it could have been from the Spanish Flu, but I am not certain.

This is another photo brought by brother at that time. He is Joseph Sauvé who married three times.

I don’t think I have ever been in contact with his descendants nor that I have shared my research on him.

Which brings me to this comment I got last week on Our Ancestors. It was about a post I had written on a closed case…

Good morning! I just stumbled upon your info and my jaw dropped. Célestine Sauvé married Zotique Neveu in Lefaivre Ontario on 1895-02-11.He was the son of Louis Neveu and Euchariste Leblanc. Louis died on 1926-05-01 whereas Euchariste passed away on 1933-02-23; both are buried in the St-Victor (catholic) cemetery in Alfred, plot Q5. Célestine was my great-grandfather’s sister. Zotique Neveu passed away on 1927-11-20 in a hospital in Montréal and was buried in Alfred two days later. Célestine died on 1937-08-29. Both their remains were buried in the Alfred cemetery. plot K7. Célestine was a very devout catholic to the point of building a grotto dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The grotto is currently in poor repair, but still stands on Ritchance Road.

To be continued…

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