Ignace Martel or When to Stop Searching…and Writing about him? Update

Written a few years back…

I can’t believe I was doing this!

Remember these old framed pictures sent by a far far away distant cousin?



Do you remember how I ended my last post?

This is the fascinating search in the past of the history of descendants of Pierre Quesnel, one of the founding father of Montreal or descendants of Ignace Martel who I have not the faintest idea who he was when I started looking.

In my almost obsessive search last Friday for someone’s ancestors who is related to Anna Martel married to Archie Quesnel, I found an Ignace Martel who finally led me to Anna Martel’s parents?

Anna Martel and Archie Quesnel’s wedding picture

The Ignace Martel whom I found in my obsessive research was the son of Salomon Martel and Josephte Leveque. I was not sure if I had the same Ignace Martel that I had found on a 1900 census page listed as the father of Joseph Martell.

I just had to find out.

This Ignace Martel married Melina Janson dite Lapalme on July 12th, 1853 in St-Esprit, in Montcalm county, in the province of Quebec.

While I was looking at some Ancestry hints which appeared when I entered his file, I stumbled upon this image from someone’s Ancestry tree who might be one of my very distant relatives since Archie Quesnel’s sister was married to a DeLagasse.

Ignace Martel

The same person had also this picture of a woman named Mary Masta.

Mary Masta

And a man named Joseph Martell.

He also had a Mary Martell…

And a John Martell…

Déjà vu?

There has to be a connection somehow isn’t?

Mary Masta I now believe has to be Mary Martell in Joseph Martell’s household on June 11th, 1900, and Ignace Martel the father of Joseph.

Everything fits perfectly…

Joseph Martell 45, born in 1854 (according to the census), and Mary Masta 32, born in 1867 (according to the census), got married on January 1st, 1881 in Michigan according to this marriage document.

Joseph is said to be 24 and Mary… 14!

With this information I went looking for someone with the name Joseph Martel born around 1854 in the 1861 Canadian census.

Lo and behold!


The Martel family and the Masta familie were neighbours and there was a little Joseph Martel born in 1856 (according to the census)! 

Could this be a break in my investigation?

How about finding a four year-old Mary Masta in the 1871 Canadian census?

I thought you would never ask…

Now who could be the lady on that wedding picture with the best man John Martell?

So many unanswered questions isn’t?

Before I forget here is the marriage certificate of Mary Masta’s parents Toussaint Masta and Odile Martinet.

And Mary Masta’s birth certificate. We now know she was born on October 21st, 1867 in St-Esprit.



I believe this is Anna Martel

three unknown youg people (3)


4 thoughts on “Ignace Martel or When to Stop Searching…and Writing about him? Update

  1. La belle poupounne dont tu m’as gentiment, hier, rappelé que j’avais malencontreusement omis de relever la poupounicité serait donc Anna Martel, SANS double ‘ll’. Cela dit, curieux ‘portrait’, car il s’agit bel et bien d’un portrait ici, ou d’un assemblage (plus ou moins réussi) d’une photo et d’une esquisse. Ça reste quand même une belle poupounne, du moins en ce qui me concerne.

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