The Quesnells and the Martells Revisited

Written a long time ago on Our Ancestors

A far and far away distant cousin sent me these old pictures and told me I could post them here on Our Ancestors with the hope of putting a name on these unknown people.


She and her distant cousins back in the United States have no idea who they are. For all they know they might be related to the Martell family or the Quesnell family who emigrated in the U.S. in the 1800s. Here is the wedding picture of Archie Quesnell and Anna Martell.

Fascinating search in the past of the history of descendants of Pierre Quesnel, one of the founding father of Montreal, or descendants of Ignace Martel who I have not the faintest idea who he was.

To be continued…

three unknown youg people (2)

three unknown youg people (4)

three unknown youg people (3)


8 thoughts on “The Quesnells and the Martells Revisited

  1. La terminaison du nom de famille en double ”ll” avait l’air populaire dans le temps! C’est malheureusement tout ce que j’ai à dire sur le sujet pour l’instant… 🙂

    • C’est bien Michel. J’aurais pensé que tu aurais commenté sur la belle fille au centre des deux jeunes hommes.

      • Je reprends parce qu’une de tes petites cousines (inconnues) m’a écrit récemment sur Ancestry. Elle est une descendante d’Anthony Quesnell, le frère de Damien, et elle avait besoin d’aide pour valider ses recherches. Damien Quesnell serait à droite sur la photo des trois jeunes personnes. Je lui ai demandé de valider.

      • I’m picking up this because one of your little cousins (unknown to you of course) wrote me recently on Ancestry. She is a descendant of Anthony Quesnell, Damien’s brother, and she needed help to validate her research on their father Jean-Baptiste Quesnel. Damien Quesnell would be on the right on the photo of the three young people. I have asked her to validate his identity.

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