Genealogy is a never-ending search and correction of information found – Stanislas and Pierre’s siblings

What you see highlighted in green is who were Stanislas and Pierre’s siblings in 2009. There was very little on the Internet about the family of Antoine-Nicolas Mignier dit Lagassé and Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers.


siblings of Stanislas

Genealogy was just evolving as many people were becoming amateur genealogists.

Ancestry was in its infancy as well as My Heritage. Scant information could be found on census pages leading to infamous brick walls. Parish registers were becoming available but you had to have good eyesight and good knowledge of French.

This is the definite proof that Pierre Lagacé (Lagassé) was born on November 3rd, 1824.

Pierre Lagacé 3 November 1824

A closer look reveals he was baptised on the 4th of November, 1824 in Kamouraska. Pierre Bourgeois was his godfather and Marguerite Paradis was his godmother. 

1824 Pierre Lagacé

Pierre would marry Marcelline David on February 4th, 1850. His father was present and his brother Stanislas (my great-great-grandfather) was also present. Both Stanislas and Pierre were able to sign their names.

mariage Pierre Lagacé et Marcelline David

Pierre died on January 3rd, 1892 and buried on the 5th. The record says he was 70 years-old (1892-70 = 1822).


Which is proof that even parish records have errors…and even headstones.

headstone Pierre Lagacé 1825

If you are wondering about this…

siblings of Stanislas

It tells a lot about my great-great-grandfather Stanislas Lagacé’s early life.

4 thoughts on “Genealogy is a never-ending search and correction of information found – Stanislas and Pierre’s siblings

  1. I would say his date of birth and baptism is correct. The dates on headstones are often mistaken either by the maker or the person who shared the news. Just as the age was written by an oral statement given to the writer. Years ago dates of births was rarely written due to no need because a man’s word sealed a deal more likely than a piece of paper and the lack of education caused many not to know how their names were spelled or dates written.

  2. I just came across Pierre’s headstone the other day when I was looking for family members. What a coincidence. I was going to send it to you! It’s driving me crazy. Parish records say James Valentine and his wife Marie Pratte are buried there, but I can’t find their headstones.

    Carol Valentine

    Carol Valentine

    Sent from my iPhone


    • There is probably no headstone Carol just like Stanislas Lagassée who I know was buried in the same cemetery as Dennis Lagassey II and Amanda Ménard. Henriette Alexandre has to be also buried there.

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