15 April 2012 – Got the go-ahead

Frances wrote me this morning about this photo I had posted in 2012.

Written 8 years ago…

I just got the go-ahead to tell you more about this picture I posted last week…

young man 1

Yes you can pass on the pictures and info. Maybe someone will be able to identify someone in the group photo. If the photo dates to about 1880 the older couple could be David Alexandre and his wife, Marguerite Marchand.

 Thank you and enjoy.

I never post anything without asking permission first. This is the group picture I was waiting to show you.

The picture that I had posted last week is Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre 1862-1936

He was known as John Alexander, son of John Alexander and Philomene Lagasse. This is his father and mother with his three sisters, Myra, Agnes and Helen, and most probably the two children of Helen.

How do I know? Here is one of the pictures I was holding up also.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre

Same man. Here is the group photo once again.

At first glance I don’t recognize anyone not even Jean-Baptiste Alexandre.

It took us two years to find the identity of young man 1. Maybe someone down the road will help us find who these people are. The only clue is that the person who gave us this picture said this was the Alexandre family.

Next time I will tell you more about Jean-Baptiste Alexandre who married twice and had 18 children.

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre aka young man 1

I told Frances I was going to get my little brain cells working again…

Hercule Poirot

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