“We have enough fake news going around Mary.” (pun intended)

I won’t even try to identify this beautiful young lady. I am sure we will find out who she is 10 years from now.

87389170_10218684029106457_1306780538958249984_n (3)

This beautiful young woman is featured on this photo shared by my distant cousin Dennis this week. She is next to my “new found young” grandfather Leo with his wife Maria Landry in front of him.


I told Dennis I could kiss him when I saw all the pictures he had. There were also planes!

This is no fake news!


image1 (4)

Dennis and I share the same ancestor. He’s this old man.

Dennis Lagasse II

This old man was younger back in 1895 seen here with little Harvey and Marie the children of Dennis Lagasse III and Amanda Ménard.

Dennis Lagasse II (1842-1927)

The above is not the original because I spruced it up a little as a tribute to a family man.

Dennis, who likes to call himself Dennis IV, has been sharing his father’s old pictures his father had kept all the years in cigar boxes and other boxes. Without these old pictures I would not be writing Our Ancestors and you won’t be reading it.

Reading it is what it’s all about and also being able to reunite with lost ancestors like Mary’s ancestors.

Flavie and Myra Alexandre

So how do you read Our Ancestors?

Like an attempt to relive the past of lost ancestors and connecting the dots. This is another photo Dennis sent last night working “late evening oil”


Who do you think is the woman?


I will give you a hint…

montage Marguerite Lagacé



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