Geraldine Sorel – Redux II

Our Ancestors is about preserving the past for future generations.

Laura just wrote a comment about Geraldine Sorel. Geraldine is her grandmother. 

Hello, I am Geraldine’s granddaughter. I am interested in who might be doing this research.

In 2015 I had written once more about Geraldine Sorel in a post that was first written in 2013.

Laura’s comment rekindled my interest about Geraldine Sorel and how I came about to write about her.

This is the original post with the sequel written after.


Geraldine seems be have been the only child of Ernest Sorel (Sorell) and Amelia Alexandre (Alexander).


I don’t have a picture of Geraldine, but I know there are some out there. I have found the family in the 1940 U.S. Census now available online. Geraldine is 16.

1940 Ernest Sorel

There is a remote chance I will find some descendants of Amelia and Ernest. On April 3, 1940, Ernest Sorel (Earnest Sorel) was living at 211 Lafayette Street in New Britain, Hartford, Connecticut. He was an assistant foreman in a hardware factory. Ernest was born in Cambridge, Ontario, on August 2, 1891.

I know all about Ernest Sorel’s ancestors.

This information is now laying dormant…

One day it will blossom and make someone really happy.


The sequel written in 2015…

I am almost sure this is Caroline Ménard.

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgShe was Amélia’s mother.


On this picture, the caption is wrong.


It doesn’t matter anymore. There were some wrong captions in the collection of old pictures Robin scanned in 2011, but it doesn’t matter anymore if we are almost sure this is Caroline Ménard.

wpid-33fe2b6d-acf6-47b0-aea2-93150966943d.jpgThe wife of Jean-Baptiste Alexandre II, the son of my great-grandaunt Philomene Lagasse.

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Doesn’t matter a bit…if some captions were wrong.

Mary was the sister of Agnes Alexandre Bleau

12 thoughts on “Geraldine Sorel – Redux II

    • Even if it is a third cousin twice removed…
      Remember that Geraldine could have been an adopted child according to Fran.
      But at least Laura will have photos of her adoptive ancestors.

      • I really don’t mind at all… it’s all about the joy of sharing lost ancestors’ old photos. Ernest and Amelia’s wedding picture is just too beautiful. I hope they both lived happily ever after. I hope Laura will share more.

      • I did not think you were facetious at all in your comment Amy as well I was not in my reply although I sometimes have a dry sense of humour (humor if you write in American English). Thanks for commenting… Comments are the driving force behind this blog. Now I am sure Fran will comment on it.

      • Tone is often so hard to read in writing, so I just wanted to be sure you had understood me. 🙂 And yes, I am American–so I hope I have a sense of humor!

      • Agree about the tone… Better sure than sorry… Have a nice day and let’s keep on looking for lost ancestors!

  1. Amelia was my grandmother’s sister. Pierre you were able to identify Ernest Sorel in my grandparent’s wedding photograph. I only knew Uncle Ernest when he was much older, and had never seen a photo of him when he was young. In the 1940’s my grandmother sometimes took us when she was visiting them in New Britain.

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