Intermission – Found on Facebook

The good side of Facebook…

When historians write about how Facebook, Twitter, etc… had changed the world will be fascinating to read if there are people still around to read it in 2120.

The above image was sent to me this morning by a Facebook friend knowing how history has always fascinated me even when I was a schoolboy.

This fascination led me to know more and more about history and how some individuals changed the world for good or bad.

It also led me to build model airplanes as a kid and leading me again to learn more and more about WWII.

I still build model airplanes.

Then in 2007 my world changed forever when my brother visited me with old photos.

I just had to know more about them and I started searching for my ancestors…

I then decided to share my research here on Our Ancestors in 2009. Then in 2010 I found Alyce who had written a message on a genealogy forum in 2000. Then I found Dennis who had written a message on a genealogy forum…

I found out that some people liked sharing their ancestors.

Our Ancestors is all about sharing and always will be.

I hope you will be reading this on Facebook…

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