The Hotte Family – Cesaire Hotte

Maybe I should enjoy more 2020 and slow down on Our Ancestors.

My son told be 10 years ago that there were not enough dead people around to satisfy my obsession.

So writing about Cesaire Hotte who emigrated to the United States, the son of Zéphirin Hotte and Élisabeth Tassé, might not bear fruits.

This is what I wrote last week on Our Ancestors… with a few modifications.

In my search for an old college friend’s ancestors, I had stumbled upon the strange case of a woman who was only known by her first name Geneviève. This Geneviève was married to Joseph Tassé on February 17, 1817. They had a girl Élisabeth Tassé born on November 14, 1817, and a son Joseph born on October 8, 1819. Little baby Joseph died 20 days later. His mother Geneviève had died the week before on October 14. Élisabeth’s father would remarried on November 13, 1820 with Marguerite Valiquette. Marguerite would most probably have adopted little Élisabeth, but that I don’t know.

What I know is that Élisabeth would marry Zéphirin Hotte dit Lafeuillade on January 28, 1834 in St-Martin-de-Laval, on Île-Jésus, in the province of Québec. Zéphirin Hotte and Élisabeth Tassé had seven children.

At least that’s what I had found.

Zéphirin Hotte 1835–1903 (my friend’s maternal great-grandfather)

Rose-de-Lima Hotte 1836–1910

Césaire Hotte 1837–1918

Gédéon Hotte 1844–1920

Salomé Hotte 1848–

Marie Hotte dit Lafeuillade 1851–1851

Alphonse Hotte 1853–1915

Some children later in life emigrated to the United States. This is why I will write about the Hotte family on Our Ancestors in 2020 starting with Césaire Hotte and a search on Find A Grave if someone writes a comment.

Since my old college friend had commented, I will write more on Our Ancestors about the Hotte family in 2020, and try to make contact with some of Cesaire Hotte’s descendants.