Thursday Morning – Déjà Vu…

What’s next on Our Ancestors?

Familiar faces!

There were some familiar faces in Dennis Lagasse’s negatives I turned into positives…

This is one of the most interesting positives I have made from the negatives sent by Dennis. The man on the left is Joseph Louie Combe. He is with his wife Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau.

Here is Louie Combe again on a photo shared by another reader in 2011…

Here is Sylvia Marie Combe with her parents Louie Combe and Sylvia Bleau.

Although the caption says Aunt Mary, this is not Aunt Mary but Amelia Alexandre.

But that’s another story…

What is interesting is that Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau is the granddaughter of Philomene Lagasse seen here on this montage made by a professional photographer more than 100 years ago.

Philomene Lagasse in the center was my great-grandaunt, my great-grandfather’s sister. Sylvia’s mother would be at 10 o’clock.

The photo was taken in front of Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard’s house probably on the corner of Lake Street and Dewey Avenue in East Bristol.

Joseph Louie and Sylvia Elizabeth were married on April 19, 1917.

This next photo negative turned into a positive is also interesting as the man looks at lot like Harry Bleau, Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau’s brother.

This is Harry Bleau again with the same necktie… Odna Lagasse is on the left.

Why would Harry and his sister Sylvia who were Odna’s first cousins had visited that part of their family?

On another note…

In 1910 Dennis Lagassey III and his brother Anthony were neighbors. What is strange is that there are no photos of Anthony at all in the photos shared by Dennis.

Unless there are some of his children that I have not yet identified…

On this final note…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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