Tuesday Morning – Odna or Blandine?

This is again Blandine Lamothe and Joseph Louis Dubé’s wedding picture that was shared by their granddaughter several months ago.


Why am I posting this wedding picture again? Simply because this is how I was able to correctly identify Blandine Lamothe on some old photos and who was the baby girl.

Odna Lagasse with child

Blandine Lamothe is seen here on this positive I have made from a 90 year-old negative scanned by Dennis. The other woman is her sister-in-law Ida Lagasse. Ida is a familiar feature on this blog as her husband Hector Philias Lamothe who was Blandine’s brother.

Odna and Ida

How do I know this negative turned into a positive is 90 years? Blandine is wearing the same dress and baby Lucille was born in May 1929. On this photo Blandine Lamothe has to be with her first child Lucille.
Odna Lagasse with child

I often go out on a limb to date old photos and identify who’s who on old pictures like the young woman who was sitting on a car fender.

Little by little I was able to identify people I could not identified back in 2011. The more photos were shared by Dennis, the more I could validate who was who. Bertha Lagasse was the young woman on the car fender around 1917 in Connecticut, and my paternal grandfather’s three sisters were also there posing for posterity…

Lillie Lagasse, Malvina Lagasse, and their older sister Marguerite Lagasse were with Bertha and Bertha’s sister Mary behind the wheel.Move Over

On this next negative-positive I am certain Blandine Lamothe is on the right. I am almost sure her sister-in-law Irene Margaret Dubé is on the left.

The young woman in the center is still a mystery.

Here is another positive photo taken at the same time as the other one only that the people have switched places.


Blandine is in the back on the left. Irene Margaret is in the center, and Claire Lamothe is on the right. Below are two unknown young women with Ida Lagasse in the middle. I am still looking to identify those two.

Finally, on this next negative-positive, could this be Blandine Lamothe once again or is it Odna Lagasse?