Sunday Morning – Notes

These are the notes I had kept a few years ago about Lillian Dubé. I had found out she was married to William Jennings Odlum.

I had found this on the Internet and I had kept these notes.


William Jennings Odlum-10 (Richard L.-9, George-8, Richard G.-7, George-6, Elizabeth-5, Richard-4, Thomas-3, Richard-2, Thomas-1) was born on 04 Dec 1896 in Connecticut.

He died on 18 Jan 1973 in Bristol, Conn..

Notes for William Jennings Odlum:

General Notes:

1920 census has his father born in Scotland…incorrect

Mary Lily Dube was born in 1898. She died on 15 Feb 1968 in Bristol, Conn..

William Jennings Odlum and Mary Lily Dube married. They had the following children:

i. Norman W. Odlum.

ii. Vera Odlum.

At that time I knew nothing more about Lillian even though I had the mystery family photo.

Most probably Lillie Lagasse and her husband Eugene Dubé.jpg

This family was a mystery. It was part of a small collection of old pictures someone had shared and whom I scared away. I guess that’s the price you have to pay when researching other people’s ancestors. Sometimes people can’t understand why you are doing all this if not for profit.

I profit a lot from sharing because people keep on sharing…

two unknown men

My guess is that someone will be sharing something about these two strangers which will lead me to identify who were all these people…


Ida Lagasse on the right is the only one I can positively identify. Could the others be Dubés? Could Lillian be there with her sisters? That would make a lot of sense since Lagacés and Dubés were birds of a feather…

If so, the mysterious young woman in black would be finally unmasked! 20191116_171008

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