Opening a New Chapter: Lillie Lagasse (1873- ?)

I wrote this post in 2012…

I always like to go back in time and see what I wrote and sometimes find out I was completely wrong with my hypothesis.

I wish I knew more about Lillie. Lillie Lagasse was my grandfather’s sister. Back in 2007, I knew nothing about my Lagacé lineage. I knew of course about André Mignier dit L’Agacé, but I could not link up with him.

Soldier of the Régiment Carignan-Salières

Illustrator Francis Back

Now five years later I am quite skillful at finding other people’s ancestors since I have been able to find almost all about my grandfather’s parents and his siblings.

This was quite a challenge because my paternal grandfather was never married to my grandmother since he was already married in 1912.

Lilie, Lillie or Lillian, is the also the sister of Anthony Lagasse and Stanislas Lagassey who are both buried in St. Joseph cemetery. I don’t know where Lillie is buried though. What I know is that she was married to Eugène Dubé.

Last week I knew not that much about her and her husband. Judy was a great help without ever realizing it when she posted this comment.

Not sure if I can help.
Jules Moquin was my great-grandfather. He was born in Canada, married Marie Dube.
I believe there are Lagaces somewhere in the family line, but I’m not sure where. Can you, or anyone else offer any insights on Jules and Marie?

Jules Moquin, her ancestor, was marrried to Marie Dubé.

While looking for Marie Dubé I found she was the sister of Eugène, Napoléon and Pierre.

Remember Birds of a feather stick together.

Well, I was stuck (pun intended) with Eugène’s and Napoléon’s parents. The only clue I had was the given name of their father: George.

Not much to go on hey…

Remember Birds of a feather stick together.

Ingraham factory in Bristol, CT

Come back next time I have a lot to show you thanks to Frank.

This is a photo of Lillie and Eugène.

They are seen with two children. I had a hard time identifying these two children. First I thought we had a girl and a boy, but it did not fit the time frame at all. Lillie looks to be in her mid-20s so I could not imagine a family picture leaving out children born after Lillian and Anna were born.

So I believe Lillian Dubé and Anna Dubé are with their parents which can be quite exciting because one of Lillian’s descendants just wrote me about Lillian Dubé Odlum. What is also exciting is that I can date this photo around 1900, and my grandaunt Lillie Lagasse is pregnant with little Henry Anthony Dubé.

To be continued…?

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