Mystery Family

This is how I had named this picture in 2010.

Searching for ancestors is sometimes finding yourself at a dead end like this old picture shared in 2009 by someone who decided after that he must have found a crazy distant relative obsessed with dead people.

People would be deter to continue searching for lost ancestors, but I am not. I think I finally found who were the two children with my grandaunt Lillie Lagassé (Lagacé) and her husband Eugene Dube (Dubé).

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “Mystery Family

  1. I’m awestruck by the amazing photos and info you’re providing here. My cousin, David Lagasse, had shared some of your photos with me a number of years ago, but I was not in a life stage where I could dive in any deeper. Today I’m revisiting, and am ‘agog at the blog’, so to speak!
    My maternal grandparents were Victor Lagasse and Alice Myers, who lived in Bristol, CT. Germaine Lagasse was my aunt. My mother, Rhea Ida LaGasse, was younger than Germaine (I’m quite sure Germaine was the oldest, as your photos would suggest)…I haven’t stumbled across any photos of my mother yet, but am hopeful! Perhaps you already have this info and I just haven’t come across it here yet, but Germaine and Rhea also had a sister, Flora and brothers Medard and Roger. I also remember my Great-Aunt Odna, who shows up in your work. I can’t tell you what a treat this has been so far. Looking forward to diving more deeply, and would be happy to share what few photos I might be able to conjure up. Heartfelt thanks….Michele Procko

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