Special Edition – Preserving the Past

Our Ancestors is all about preserving the past…

That’s what this baby boy did later in life even though he did not know it in 1931.

Lionel Lagasse

I would be logical that this baby boy is young Lionel Lagasse seen here with his mother Marie-Louise Dubé.

Lionel and Marie-Louise

Dennis had shared that photo with Lionel and his mother a few years back. His father Lionel has saved all of his father Napoleon Levi’s photos. Dennis has been sharing all of them since 2011.

This is another photo shared a few years ago.

Marie-Louise Dubé and son Lionel

Dennis Lagasse IV is on a mission to preserve the past as you can see here. These are a few of more than 200 negatives I have converted to positives.


Some faces are hard to identify because some negatives were of very poor quality.


This one was not that bad, but I don’t have a clue who this family is.


We will probably never find out, but that’s beside the point isn’t?

Getting back to the positive side of this article, this is what I think is Blandine Lamothe in the rear on the left.

Now Blandine is in front.

Four out of five women are positively identified… Blandine Lamothe and her sister Claire, Ida Lagasse and Irene Margaret Dubé. Claire Lamothe is seen again here with Ida on the right.

The young woman in the black dress is still unidentified and is taunting us to find who she is.

She still appears here with three other young women who seem to be related…


Someday we will find out.

About the two men?

So many unanswered questions…

At least we know where the photo was taken…