Hi Pierre,

I have looked, clicked, open, closed, and tried everything I could think of with my software and can’t find a way to change these negatives to positives. You are making these look amazing and I have been staring at them all day. I scanned more negatives today and seem to only be half way through the cigar box. I could see motorcycles, cars, airplanes, a zeppelin, soldiers, tons of smiling faces, a parade, Pine Lake, and inside an old factory on this bunch of scans.

On another positive note…

More anticipation?

Anna Campbell

At first yesterday I was wondering who were these two women.


I knew the photo was taken at Dennis Lagassey III’s house in East Bristol, Connecticut.

Then I saw the light!

Anna Campbell!

close-up of Anna Campbell and Harry Lagasse

Anna Campbell and her husband Harry Lagasse

I have written a lot about Anna Campbell and her husband Harry Lagasse on Our Ancestors. Harry is seen here with his son Gerard, his father Dennis Lagassey III, and his grandfather Dennis Lagasse II.

four generations of Lagasse - Dennis II, Dennis III, Harry Lagasse and Gerard Lagasse

It might be hard to find all that was written about them on this blog which has almost reached its 3 gigabyte upload limit.

Will there be an Our Ancestors II?

East Bristol 1916

Modified picture of Victor and Harry Lagasse with their wives Alice Myers and Anna Campbell

Victor Philippe Lagasse, Alice D. Myers, Anna Campbell, Harry Lagasse