Still More Old Negatives – People

Dennis sent me more old negatives. Most photos seem to be related to the Lagasse and the Dubé family. I will try to identify some by comparing old photos already shared by Dennis…

Bertha Lagasse, Irene Margaret Dube, unknown

Levi Napoleon Lagasse on the right?

Odna Lagasse

Claire Lamothe, unknown, and Ida Lagasse

Levi Napoleon Lagasse?

Bertha Lagasse

Amanda Ménard

Dennis Lagassey III with most probably his grandchild

Amanda Ménard


Levi Napoleon Lagasse?

Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Odna Lagasse ?

Anna Campbell with with her mother-in-law Amanda Ménard

Anna Dubé, daughter of Malvina Lagasse?

Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Levi Napoleon Lagasse in the back on the right

Dennis Lagassey III

Harry Bleau

Levi Napoleon Lagasse

Young Odna Lagasse on the left?

Levi Napoleon Lagasse?

2 thoughts on “Still More Old Negatives – People

  1. Thank you again for all of your hard work. I love all of these pictures of the Lagasse family, including my grandmother Odna Lagasse.

    • I had mistaken Blandine for Odna. Honest mistake. I have some of Odna’s negative photos I think. I will post them today.

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