Sunday Night – Looking for Jeremiah Provost?

A comment just in…

We are trying to locate family from Quebec, we found a picture of Jeremiah Provost taken at the shop of Madame Gagne but there is no date on the picture , my husband has no direct family left, his grandfather was Ernest Provost and most of the family moved to Massachusetts. It would be nice to find our more information on his family and if and still survive….

There is one clue here on Wikipedia…

Madame Gagné was a photographer who worked between 1886 and 1891 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She and her husband, Édouard C. Gagné (also a photographer) had a total of three studios over time.[1][2][3] At least one of her prints can be found at Montreal’s McCord Museum.[4]

Madame Gagné reportedly had a rapport with the new Chinese immigrants to Montreal, and often made portraits of them and their families.[4] Since most photographers of the time catered to more well-to-do clients, this was an unusual custom.[1]

Her photography studio was located at 211 Saint Laurent Boulevard, which is in the heart of today’s Old Montreal.

What we need to see is the photo and then move from there.