Intermission – Your comments are always welcome on Our Ancestors…

An update on something I wrote on November 2, 2018…

First read the post, then read the comment that was just made at the end…

Today is All Souls Day.
This draft post was intended for publication on October 15. I wanted to write about the Sauvé family. That was before I started writing about a Ford Model T photo and people who were associated with it.



I have been remembering my ancestors and yours since 2008, first in French on Nos ancêtres, and then in 2009 on this English version. I have remembered a lot more than you think because I have also honoured the Fallen in World War II.
People have been sharing so many memories, memorabilia, and photos they had of their ancestors and their relatives, even some they knew nothing about, that I felt compelled to write about them.

This comment was posted by Liza in 2014 on this blog. It was a post I had written about my maternal great-grandparents Honoré Sauvé and Julie Leroux.

Hello Pierre,
I happened to stumble across your English blog yesterday and your French blog this afternoon. I have been reading your past posts, trying to start from the beginning but reading here and there. I am pretty sure that I am a distant cousin of yours. My maternal grandfather was Osias Sauvé (1874-1954) who married Kate Welburn as his third wife both in Quebec (Namur) and Ontario (Hawkesbury or Curran) – they married three times for various reasons. In addition, my maternal grandmother was Marie Ida Evaleen Renaud who married Russell H Macklem in Windsor, Ontario, but they were originally from Quebec.

In addition, I read one of your posts about the Cloutier family, and I believe my husband, Mario Gervais, is related to several other families you mentioned. His parents are Josaphat Gervais (Gervais, Cayouette) and the late Ruth Roy (Roy, Pelletier – a grandparent was a Cloutier).

Still trying to figure out where you fit on my tree…

P.S. We live in Ottawa.

When Liza wrote this comment, I quicky began searching for her grandfather Osias Sauvé to find out how Liza and I were related. It was not that easy to find the missing link.

I was sure Osias Sauvé was the son of Honoré Sauvé (Henry Souvia) and Joséphine Parent, but I could not find Osias parents’ marriage record. I had to rely on several Canadian censuses to find his grandparents Hyacinthe Sauvé and Théotiste Sabourin in the 1852, 1861, and 1871 censuses.

This is Osias (Exloise Souvia), age 6, with his parents in the 1881 Canadian census. We see his siblings: Emma, Lora (Laura), William, Milinda, Ambrose (Ambroise), Joseph and finally Leon (Léon).

In 1896, Osias Sauvé married Marie Durocher who also went by the name Marie Desrochers. Osias’ name was also entered in several official records as Exeas, Exias, and even Elzear making it even more difficult to find all of Osias’ children.

Osias Sauvé was born on November 2, 1874 (date to be validated). He was married three times and had nine sons and nine daughters. Osias died on May 10, 1954 (date to be validated). He was 79.

Liza commented again last month about Alexandre Benoît dit Livernois…

I have some information about this family that I want to send you but I can’t seem to find your email address.

This was a great help to close the chapter on the Bennett family on Our Ancestors.

Liza had more information to share about Osias Sauvé, and together we have succeeded in finding all 18 children. This is one of Liza’s many photos she has shared last month.

Osias Sauvé is on the right, and I believe his first son Osias, born in 1897, is with him. I am sure he was not a stranger who wanted to pose for posterity with Osias Sauvé.

This is another photo from Liza’s collection.

On the left is (Cléophas) Clifford Sauvé with his brother Osias. I see some resemblance with the man on the other photo, but that’s the only hint Liza and I have.

Osias Sauvé, who is my 6th cousin once removed, had fathered 18 children and probably has hundreds if not thousands of descendants who will one day stumble across this blog, and write what Liza did in 2014…

Hello Pierre,
I happened to stumble across your English blog yesterday and your French blog this afternoon. I have been reading your past posts, trying to start from the beginning but reading here and there. I am pretty sure that I am a distant cousin of yours.

Next time on Our Ancestors, Thomas Welburn, Nellie Leggett, and their children.

Comment just made by Brenda Levert

Clifford Sauve is my grandfather.

5 thoughts on “Intermission – Your comments are always welcome on Our Ancestors…

  1. Le désir prépondérant d’aider, plus souvent qu’autrement, de purs inconnus.

    Tu n’as pas idée à quel point ton travail acharné, ton bénévolat pur et simple, est apprécié par tous ceux et toutes celles qui viennent cogner à ta porte.

    Tu as peut-être souvent l’impression de prêcher dans le désert. Mais, quoi que tu fasses, ne te base surtout pas sur le nombre de commentaires qui suivent tes billets. Ce n’est pas parce qu’on ne réagit pas spontanément sur papier qu’on est pas moins reconnaissants.

    Lâche pas, mon Chichille.

      • The preponderant desire to help, more often than not, pure strangers.

        You have no idea how much your hard work, your pure and simple volunteer work, is appreciated by all those who come knocking on your door.

        You may feel like you’re preaching in the desert a lot. But, whatever you do, don’t rely on the number of comments that follow your posts. Just because we don’t react spontaneously on paper doesn’t mean we’re any less grateful.

        Don’t give up, my Chichille.

  2. Thank you so much for writing about my grandparents. I did find Osias’ baptismal record that confirmed his date of birth and my mother still remembers when her dad died.

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