Monday Morning – To be continued next Sunday morning…?

I never expected to find this photo in Joseph Lagacé’s profile in my family tree last week. I have left a comment thanking the person who added it.

I just had to defer my Sunday morning post about Felix Maher. This is what I had intended to post on Sunday morning.

I know searching for your ancestors on Our Ancestors will never end soon. This is Felix Myers’ family tree.

Felix Myers' family tree

Felix Myers was listed in the 1850 U.S. census taken in Colchester, Vermont on September 19, 1850.

That was 169 years-ago.

1850 U.S. Census Peter Kayou

I don’t think anyone in 2019 is thinking about Felix Myers except Kay.

Hi Pierre, Thank you for the very interesting information that you’ve found about the Myers in Quebec. I see that you have found Felix Maher (1800-1886) but there are no sources where this info comes from. Please advise. Thanks, Kay

Felix Myers was the son of Jean Maher and Isabel McDonell.

This is Felix Myers’ wife’s profile.

Marguerite Drouard dit Villemaire's profile

I found four of their children. Felix, George, John and Margaret. Marguerite Drouard dit Vilmer (Villemaire) had at least one brother. His name was Étienne. I found this information about him on the Internet.

In 1850 Burlington census with husband Aiken “Henry” Vilmer & 7 children in household. They were the parents of 8 or 9 children: Henry Aiken Jr (1 Nov 1834-25 May 1917), Delphine (1836-1868), Eugene ? (conflicting sources for his parents 1836-22 Nov 1912), Filmore (10 Sep 1837-18 Oct 1920), Joseph (1840-23Jul 1865), John (1842-20 Feb 1915), Amanda (16 Mar 1842-24 Oct 1923), William ( 10 Feb 1844-15 Jul 1921), Julia (1846-?)

Some family members adopted the last name Edwards while others used some form of Vilmer. Neither Aiken nor Calista were literate. Aiken married 2nd Almira Lavine (aka Elmira, Mira, Mary, Marie 1849-28 Feb 1896) with this union bringing children Henry E. (15 Aug 1867-20 June 1928) and Agnes (8 Nov 1873-10 Oct 1918)

VS George (#48722807) supplied this info: baptismal record from Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, reads (in translation)
“The 23rd of November one thousand eight hundred and eight, I the undersigned priest baptised Marie Scholastique, born this night, daughter of legitimate marriage of Abraham Maher, farmer of the parish of St-Henri, and of Victoire Lagacé”.

Her marriage record, from the parish of St-Henri-de-Mascouche reads in part, “The 10th of February one thousand eight hundred thirty four, after the reading of three bans of marriage between Etienne Derouin dit Vilmer, son of full age of Etienne Derouin dit Vilmer and of Marie Robinson of this parish of one part, and Scholastique Maher, daughter of full age of the deceased Abraham Maher and of Victoire Lagacée of the parish of the other part, and there being no objection or opposition, I the undersigned priest, with their mutual consent, gave the blessing of marriage.”

The surname is usually spelled Derouard or Drouard.

Now we are once again back to Scholastique Maher born in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines where on September 2nd, 1980 I was going up 3rd Avenue on my way to my new school…

To be continued…

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