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Sunday Morning – Joseph Lagacé and Salomé Pollender

I could go on and on with what I found since 2007 about Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David’s descendants, most of whom have no idea who their ancestors were.

I had written a lot about Pierre Adolphe Lagacé and his children. However I did not have this photo.

This is what I had to remember him with.

Before being on Ancestry I was on My Heritage.

I had found Pierre Adolphe’s first wife and five children. Later I learned how to search for parish records. Pierre Adolphe was born and baptized on March 14, 1851.

Parish records are primary sources.

Later on I found the Family Search Website with its collection of documents.

Now getting back to this photo of Joseph…

I had Joseph Lagacé in my family tree way back in 2009. He was married to Salomé Pollender whose father was with the Meuron Regiment fighting against the Americans during the war of 1812. Joseph Lagacé and Salomé Pollender were just names. I had no photos. That was before I looked at my family tree on Ancestry last week and lo and behold (I like that expression) I stumbled upon this group photo in Joseph’s profile!

A full size scan of an old picture with Pierre Adolphe dead center.

I had not been that excited since Dennis Lagasse IV sent me more than one hundred old pictures his father Lionel had kept of his paternal ancestors.

Dennis Lagasse II with Harvey and Marie, Dennis Lagassey III’s children

Dennis Lagasse II

Dennis Lagassey III’s five sons with their father

Again Dennis Lagassey III’s five sons

Bertha Lagasse’s wedding, Dennis Lagassey III’s daughter

Dennis Lagassey III’s family

Dennis Lagassey III and his wife Amanda Ménard
with their son Harvey and his wife Amanda Cox

Dennis Lagassey III’s two sons, Levi Napoleon and Harvey

Dennis Lagassey III with two unknown men

Dennis Lagasse II, Dennis Lagassey III’s son Harry holding his young son Gerard

The above photos are mostly about Dennis Lagassey III, his sons, and his father Dennis Lagasse II.

So Joseph Lagacé and Salomé Pollender were just names in 2009 with no photos, now the time is right to make them famous on Our Ancestors as well as their descendants.