Famous people – The Lagacé brothers

I have written only about famous people on Our Ancestors.

These seven Lagacé brothers are now all famous people on Our Ancestors. These men are the sons of Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David. How I came to identify who’s who is pure and simple logic as you will find out later.

Ambrose, Idala, Damase, Isidore
Joseph, Pierre Adolphe, Henri

Back in 2007, I had started looking for my paternal ancestors. I soon hit a brick wall since I could not find who were my grandfather’s parents. My grandfather had died in 1964, and he never talk to me about his family. My father had died in 1995 and he never talked that much also about his family except for his father’s birthdate, and that his father had stayed in the U.S. when he was young.

The only option I had left was using Canadian and U.S. censuses to track down any Léo Lagacés born on June 5, 1888. Using all information that I had gathered here and there, I had started building my family tree on the Internet. When I found Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David in the 1871 Canadian census, I thought Pierre Lagacé had to be somewhat related to me since we had the same given name, and that he had named one of his son Pierre Adolphe. Little did I know then that it was Pierre Lagacé’s brother who was my great-great-grandfather.

Still not knowing who were my paternal ancestors I had entered all I could find about this Pierre Lagacé born in 1825. His father was Nicholas-Antoine Mignier dit Lagacé and his mother was Ursule Cordeau dit Deslauriers. He had one brother named Stanislas born in February 1816 and one sister named Ursule born in 1828. Two other siblings, Antoine and Geneviève died young.

Ursule Lagacé would marry Damase David on May 7, 1844 in Henryville, Iberville County, in Quebec. Ursule died on March 31, 1845. Damase had died one month before on February, 26, 1845. No cause of death was listed in the parish registers. There was no cholera epidemic at that time. So how did they die? I have no idea…

Pierre’s brother, Stanislas Lagacé, would marry Onésime Cadieux on February 4, 1840 in Henryville. Their first daughter was Philomène Lagacé born in 1840 and their next child was my great-grandfather Stanislas born in 1842. He later changed his name to Dennis Lagasse when he emigrated to Connecticut in 1889.

Getting back to Pierre Lagacé and Marcelline David, they had at least twelve children that I know of:

First born: Pierre Adolphe Lagasse 1851–1922

Second born: Joseph Lagacé 1852– ?

Third born: Henri Lagacé 1854–1935

Fourth born: Isidore Lagasse 1856–1934

Fifth born: Emélie Lagassé 1858–1905

Sixth born: Damase Lagasse 1860– ?

Seventh born: Adélia Lagacé 1864– ?

Eighth born: Joséphine Lagacé 1865–1907

Ninth born: Clara Lagacé 1866– ?

Tenth born: Marie Marcelline Lagacé 1868– ?

Eleventh born: Idala Antoine Lagasse 1870–1947

Twelfth born: Ambrose Lagasse 1872–1956

To be continued next Sunday morning…