Sunday Morning – I just got curious…

This search for Charles Myers’ descendants might become an never-ending search since I found another Myers on the 1850 census page…

Felix Myers, 50 years-old, was a mason in Colchester, Vermont on September 19, 1850. Could Felix be related to Charles?

In 2014, I had seen Charles Myers’ name on an 1850 U.S. census page beside the Kayou surname, and I just got curious in my search for your ancestors since some Myers were related by marriage to Lagacés.

1850 Peter Kayou family

Since September 2009, Our Ancestors is all about searching for my ancestors and yours. I believe in sharing my research, and every chance I get, I will write about it because I never know when I will touch other people’s lives looking for their ancestors.

How I got interested in Scholastique Maher in the first place is a long story which started back on September 2, 1980 in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines when I walking up 3rd Avenue on my way to my new school…

How I got to be in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines on September 2nd, 1980?

In June 1980, I was laid off as a teacher in Montreal being among those teachers who were the youngest in the school board. Enrolment was declining in Montreal so the Montreal Catholic School Board had to lay off hundreds of teachers. Having studied in history in the 1960s to become a history teacher in high school, I was first assigned in 1970 to teach religious studies to 12 and 13 year-old. This lasted for two years. Then a teaching position in history was vacant and I jumped on the occasion. This lasted only two years when students enrolment started declining in 1974. Being bilingual, I became an English as a second language teacher until 1980 when I was finally laid off…

I will spare you the details on how my nerve-racking summer of 1980 went.

On September 2nd, 1980, I was walking up 3rd Avenue in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, a place I had never heard before. There was my new school up north on 3rd Avenue, an elementary school from 3rd to 6th grades. On the corner of 3rd Avenue and Ste-Anne boulevard was an old house I had not noticed at that time. I did not know it was the Maison Chaumont and an old barn beside the house. Little did I know in 1980 that later on I would act as a guide to my friend Ron Depatie who visited his paternal ancestors in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines in September 2010.

Ron is the man with the black baseball cap on and a blue shirt. I will spare you the details on how Ron and I first met on the Internet.

So what about Felix Myers, a mason, whose name appears also on the census page with his wife Margaret and their 17 year-old daughter Margaret?

1850 Peter Kayou family

To be continued next Sunday morning…?

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