Wednesday Morning- Jumping to conclusions

This was shared in 2009 with a few captions…

original picture of the Lagasse family

Original scanned image

East Bristol 1916

Edited version

I had added names in 2013…

Bertha with family in Bristol

I am still not sure about number 17.

How I came about to identify all these people would need another blog, or you would need to read most of my posts on this blog, and get completely confused.

In 2009 I thought number 15 was Amanda Ménard, and I was wondering who was that old lady number 11 with the smile on her face. That was before when, in 2011, Dennis Lagasse IV sent me all these pictures of Amanda Ménard, and I got curious…



It’s easy to get the names wrong with old photos of people who are your distant relatives. The people above were Dennis Lagassey III, his wife Amanda Ménard, and their son Harvey Lagasse with his wife Mae Cox.

This is Mae Cox.


I am sure this is not Mae Cox in Michael’s old photos.


Who could she be? It seems she might be related to Jean-Baptiste Carignan who married four times.

Jumping to conclusions is sometimes the only way to move on…


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