Monday Morning – The more I look…

The more I look at Michael’s old photos, the more I find resemblance with old photos that were shared before by other readers.

This is Paméla Dubé and Napoléon Dubé with their little girl who could be either Antoinette or Catherine. I had written about these photos before and I had found that some captions were inaccurate. The little girl could not be aunt Delima since Paméla and Napoléon did not have any children by that name.

Again the caption above is wrong since this is Paméla Dubé and Napoléon Dubé on their wedding day.

So what about this old photo part of Michael’s collection? Could this be Pamela Dubé and Napoléon Dubé with Catherine since Antoinette died in 1911 and Catherine was born in 1914?