Sunday Morning – Reader’s Comment

Peter commented…

The search never ends. We never know when golden nugget of revelation of a fact will be discovered. It could be in a picture, a long lost official document, a letter(s) found in a box stored for decades in a trunk in a barn or an attic. Sometimes even found in an antique shop hundreds of miles away. So much out there to be found and yes some items will never be found as they were thrown away by someone who didn’t know that golden nuggets they had in their hands.

This is what happened when someone shared a wedding picture last year.


I had found my grandaunt Malvina in Joe’s collection of cabinet cards that I scanned at Joe’s place in 2012.

young woman Bristol

Malvina Lagasse 1878-1930

Little by little finally my old photos had names like this one Dennis Lagasse IV shared. Malvina is second from the right. Some faces were familiar, but no names were attached. My great-grandfather Dennis, Malvina’s father, was there with his moustache and suspenders. His son Dennis III was at the back.


Which brings me to write about two old photos from Michael’s collection. This one first.

11150650_10206792820517042_6799983855134417313_n (1)

The man on the left is Levi Napoleon Lagasse, but the man on the right left me wondering yesterday…

Where did I see that face before? Then I connected the dots with other photos…

He was Joseph Louis Dubé, Malvina’s son.

Malvina was also on this other photo Michael had sent me. My great-grandfather Dennis II was still there. His son Dennis III was on the left in the first row. Malvina was next to her brother Dennis with her head looking in the back.

Next to Malvina was Anna Campbell with her husband Harry Lagasse, Dennis III’s first son.


I have lots of information on Harry, but I still don’t know when he died. What I know however is that Anna Campbell remarried this man in Michael’s collection…

Jean-Baptiste Carignan

He could well be the boy on the left…

Next time more about Michael’s old photos…

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