Saturday Morning – Michael’s old photos

These are all the photos Michael shared in 2015, and each one has a story to tell.


I don’t know if Michael is still following my endless search for people on Our Ancestors.

Thanks to Michael, people looking for their roots will owe him a lot one day. Michael’s grandmother is Alice Rose Lagasse, Dennis Lagassey III and Amanda Ménard’s daughter. I believe all the photos above are part of Alice’s collection of old photos that she had kept all those years. Old photos are helping us remembering our ancestors.

Alice, who is in front, is seen here with her parents and siblings. Some names were misplaced. Harry is Harvey, Victor is Harry, Harvey is Victor, Gert is Odna, and Odna is Gert. Mary is Amanda.

Trust me, I know!

I am sure Alice did not write those names, but her daughter or her son must have done so. These people are all my first cousins once removed since the man with the hat is my grandfather’s brother.

Our Ancestors was created back in September 2009 in the spur of the moment to share my research and find lost relatives in the U.S.

Ten years later I keep on looking…

Henriette, I think your great-grandson’s readers need a little break…