Thursday Morning – Searching my grandfather’s mother since 2008

I have been searching for my paternal great-grandmother’s picture since 2008 when I first learned her name on the death certificate of my grandfather who was born in 1888.

With the name H Alexandre, I was able to go back in time looking at the photo album that my mother had kept.


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My grand-father, who died on January 1st, 1964, is seen here with my father Léo Junior, and my uncle Marcel in the wheelchair.

My father was born on August 31st, 1927, and his little brother in 1929. I can date this photo in the summer of 1933, and I believe it was taken in Montreal.

This is a close-up view of my grand-papa.

I see some resemblance in his look with the look of woman on the left.

It is even now more plausible that she is my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre. Here is another photo of my grand-papa. This one was taken on March 20, 1948 when my parents were married.

A close-up view again reveals some resemblance.

One day I will have definite proof that Henriette Alexandre is really on this old photo.

When I do get the proof, then I will try to find who her best friend was on the right.

Maybe there is a clue here…