Wednesday Morning – This is as close I can get…

Marguerite Alexandre is on the right. Her sister Henriette could be on the left. There is a resemblance looking at some of the facial features. But then I could be completely off track.

probably sisters

Sandy dated this photo in the early 1890s.

unsmiling women.jpg

Henriette would be 45 years-old in 1890, and 50 years-old in 1895. It’s plausible Joe’s collection of old photos would have had a picture of Henriette Alexandre especially when Joe had a photo of her daughter Malvina Lagasse.


This is Malvina on her wedding day. A granddaughter shared it last year.


This is an another daughter of Henriette.

file of Lillie Lagasse

Lillie Lagasse is with her husband Eugène Dubé and two of her children.

mystery family

The bottom part of the face on all three women seems to look similar. For now, this is as close I can get…