Sunday Morning – Remembering Francis Joseph Malloy

I have had this post in the draft section for a few years. I think it is well overdue.


In 2014, Patricia told me in an e-mail that she was an open book. She was also afraid I would think she was a kook because of the amount of exchanges on Ancestry. Being certain Patricia is an open book I guess I can write about what she wrote me about her father.

Daddy was in the Coast Guard (Navy) during the war. He was a remarkable man. Joined at 18. They became his legal guardian until he turned 21. Received Congressional Lifesaving medal. Received a commission during the war and retired as a Commander after 39 years. He never complained or blamed his background. Spoke French and was U.S. representative to the Paris Peace Talks and the International Lighthouse Conference.

daddy grave

He never complained or blamed his background.