Sunday Morning – William D. Parsons?

I know it’s only Friday morning, but I had thought of slowing down after I had been binge-searching for information on Parsons photographer…

So according to my third cousin Sandy, this young woman on this cabinet card can’t be Ada Pendlebury, Francis Joseph Malloy’s mother, and probably this is not Francis Joseph Malloy, Patricia’s father…

Parsons photographer -  a young child - Adams, Massachusetts

There is very little information about Parsons photographer on the Internet. This is what I had found…


A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers: 1839-1900 (The Online Edition) Edited by Ron Polito from Research by Chris Steele & Ron Polito Version 1.0 ©2018

1883 [Street Address Not Given]
1885 4 Park.
1887 [Street Address Not Given]
1889-96 15 Park.
1893-96 17 Park.
1898 [Street Address Not Given]
1903 36 Park.

What about these cabinet cards then?

picture of a young child - North Adams, Massachusetts

Lyon’s New York Studio, 85 Main St., North Adams, MA (1890s) cabinet image

picture of a young child - North Adams, Massachusetts

Holden & Webster

However last night Sandy helped me again with my binge-searching, and I just had to share…


Photographer worked 1853-1860 and later. The baby is hard to figure out the date. And the women all date to middle 1880s.

Hope this helps you somewhat.


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