Str…..ike Three!

I struck out a lot of times since 2007 when I began searching for people’s ancestors.

Sandy just wrote me, so in a sense it is sort of a breaking news on Our Ancestors…

In looking into this photo of the woman. It was taken about middle of 1880s. And this women you mentioned would be about 10 years old. Woman in photo looks older. I did a little research on them also. As Ada was born about 1880 in Conn….

Men are harder but maybe about 1885-1887.


Parsons photographer -  a man - Adams, Massachusetts

To which I replied…

So this can’t be Ada Mathilda Pendlebury born around 1877 (no definite date).
Am I right to think all the other women’s photos were taken around mid-1880s?

Also the little boy? Could that photo have been taken around the same date since we have the same photographer? If so he could not be Francis Joseph Malloy born in 1909.

So many questions…

I could not find much information on the Internet about the photographer, and when and where he had his photo studio.

Parsons photographer -  a young child - Adams, Massachusetts

Francis Joseph Malloy 1909?

All this being said…

Who is this young woman who looks to be in her twenties in around 1885?

Young woman born around 1865 in Massachusetts?

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