Sunday Morning – In circle Oscar Boisjolie

I just can’t help helping…

A comment written last Thursday on Our Ancestors.

I am a Bosjolie, my name is Monique Bosjolie (maiden name) and my grandparents were from Lyon Mountain, NY; before that, from Canada, I’m sure. I have done a little digging, and the Bosjolie name has been changed every so often over the years, stopping around the turn of the century. I am interested in learning more about my family heritage. My grandmother’s name was Patricia (Peets) Bosjolie, and grandfather was Roy Bosjolie. His brother was Steve Bosjolie, but I believe he changed his last name slightly.

To which I replied…

I will look into it.

I had written a lot about the Boisjoli family.

These Bosjolies on this headstone are related to Louis Griveau and Toinette Ménard who are also Oscar Boisjolie’s ancestors.

Louis Griveau is the 6th great-grandfather of the husband of an 8th cousin 2 times removed.

When to stop?

I think I know…

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