Strike one!

My great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre was not on this old picture.

Henrietta Alexander is on the left with her daughter Amy Henrietta Frances Eccles. Amy Henrietta Frances Eccles, born in 1874, married John Knox McClintock. The older woman is Dora Knox most probably related to John.

Sometimes we jump to conclusions. I did a lot of jumping since 2007 and I have learned to triple check what I find. Checking all this led me however to learn more about the Malloy family whom I wrote a lot on this blog.

Francis Malloy was born in 1909. He is Patricia’s father.

I wonder if Patricia still reads my blog.

Francis’ parents placed him in an orphanage, and he never knew why. Now I think I know.

And maybe I know a lot more about these old pictures my third cousin Joe in Plainville had in his collection…

Strike two?