Henriette Alexander?


This image is the result of a long research on the descendants of the Malloy family.

Mary, one of the descendants, shared it this morning. I still don’t know how she managed to identify that one of these three women would be my great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre, the only one of my eight great-grandmothers of whom I didn’t have a picture.

The story of my virtual meeting with Mary would be far too long to tell you. Mary was knee-deep last year in the middle of a mystery with her ancestors. I knew a little bit about the Malloys, but together we found almost everything.

My great-grandmother Henriette Alexandre died at the age of 58 in 1907. If she is really there on this picture, she would be on the left with probably her mother Marguerite Marchand and one of her daughters, Marguerite, Lillie or Malvina.

Pure hypothesis….


To be continued…