Sunday Morning – Bertram Victor Lestage

This is Bertram Lestage’s file on my Ancestry tree.

Bertram Victor Lestage

I now think Bertram is this young man on this cabinet card.


This is his mother’s file.

File Flavie Alexandre

I took me a few years to find all about Flavie Alexandre and more than 10 years to find who was her son Bertram. Bertram Victor Lestage married Diane Page on September 21, 1932 in New York. They had three children according to the 1940 US Census: Charlotte Lestage born around 1934, Bertram Lestage born around 1935, and Constance J Lestage born around 1937.

Bertram Victor Lestage died in 1946, so his children became orphans. No further information about them unless someone is looking for them.


About someone looking for his ancestors…

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