Sunday Morning – Only on Sunday Morning?

This is the reason I really want to post only on Sunday mornings from now on…

It’s about Lorinda Lamphear’s parents.

Keeping still…

The more I am looking for Laura’s ancestors, the more ancestors I am finding. This next old photo was shared on Ancestry in 2007. In 2007 I had only started to get interested with my own ancestors.

I wonder if this is Lorinda Lamphear?

Lorinda Lamphear Smith

This other woman I am sure is Lorinda Lamphear or Lamphier.

She is with three of her daughters: Betsey Smith, Laura Irene and Hattie Belle Harris. Lorinda Lamphear is one of Laura’s ancestors as well as this soldier who I found on Find A Grave last week.

Griffin L Smith

Griffin L Smith was Lorinda’s first husband who died of typhoid fever in Jackson, Tennessee, during the Civil War. Searching for our ancestors can be an endless occupation as Laura will find out. Writing on Our Ancestors is also an endless occupation.

My youngest son once told me…

There are not enough dead people around to satisfy your curiosity…

That was 10 years ago!

Finally, this is what I found also on Find A Grave last week… I have permission to share them.

Andrew Alton Fenton and Hattie Belle Harris

Laura Irene Harris with her husband Hans Magelund

Another of Lorinda’s daughter, Mary Ellen Smith with her husband Oliver Brown

I wonder who’s the baby?

There are not enough old photos around to satisfy my curiosity…

Again found on Ancestry…

group photo

Mary Ellen Smith, Betsey Smith, ?, Hattie and Laura Harris

Too be continued…

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