Monday Morning – My dearest 2nd cousin once removed

I know I won’t be able to post only on Sunday mornings… maybe in 10 tears from now.

Things are picking up lately about a family I have researched since 2011 when Robin started sharing old photos shared by Sylvia Marie Bleau’s daughter.

Sylvia Marie was still living then. Her mother was Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau. Our Ancestors owes so much to her, her daughter, and granddaughter for preserving old photos so future generations will be able to enjoy those.

Original draft written on July 18, 2015

Her name is Sylvia Elizabeth Bleau.

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I wrote a lot about her on this blog even if I have never met her in person. All our meetings were virtual thanks to Robin. Robin as you well know is part of “our” A-Team.

The A-Team

A-Team members share all their research on “our”ancestors, and other people’s ancestors even if those are total strangers who appear on wedding pictures.

wedding Henry Combe

Original picture scanned by Robin

Unidentified women


Ida Ashley, the bride


Leo Alphonse Combe, the groom


Mary Archambault, Ida’s mother


Joseph Ashley, Ida’s brother


Lawrence Ashley, Ida’s younger brother

What’s interesting is that the Ashleys were in fact Dufresnes. That’s what my third cousin Joe T. told me. French-Canadians emigrating south of the border in the 1800s, and later on would change their names to integrate into the American society… Lagacés would become Lagasses or Lagasseys, Alexandres would become Alexanders, Archambaults would become Shambos (for some, not all).

Need I continue…?

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All original pictures scanned by Robin

End of the original post… This is what I kept in my files to remember Robin’s first virtual encounter.

Thank you for inviting me to view tree. I had no info on her parents, where she was born etc. My husband’s line comes through Silvia their daughter.Silvia and Louis are my husband’s grandparents.

I am hunting for a family picture that I have that has the names Myra and Phoebe Alexander. Have no idea who they are, but photo has no dates. I am guessing well before 1880.

Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Myra

I am new to adding photos to tree, where you able to see any?

I have a postcard photo of David N. Bleau in uniform in front of trolley, I must find it as well, when I do I will scan and add to tree.

Picture 098-1

Thanks for the info and let’s keep in touch.