Facial recognition

I am not an expert on facial recognition.

But now I am sure this is Malvina, my grandfather’s sister. People who commented all agreed with me that there is a strong resemblance with this young woman and the older one on this wedding picture.

Malvina’s great-grandchild contacted me last November and she shared the wedding picture and lots of information about her great-grandparents Joseph Dubé and Malvina Lagasse, and her grandparents Joseph Dewey Dubé and Blandine Lamothe.

I had found Susan on Find a Grave and I wrote her a message. I don’t usually do that.

That time it paid off BIG!

Malvina is somehow a very precious person to me since she took care of her father, the man with the mustache and the suspenders.  Stanislas Lagacé, aka Dennis Lagasse II, is my great-grandfather. His wife Henriette Alexandre, my great-grandmother died in September 1907. She is not on this group picture taken before October 1922, because that’s when Malvina’s brother Dennis III who is hiding in the back died in an accident while at work.

Malvina’s husband Joseph Dubé had died the same year as her mother leaving Malvina to raise her five children alone. They were Joseph Dewey, Irène, Alice, Béatrice, Marie-Louise. Her son Joseph married Blandine Lamothe.

Susan had this wedding picture of her grandparents.