The Section Man

5 years ago I had found this poem while I was researching the Malmaison Hamlet and the Malloy family. It was about…

The Section Man

by Edna Jacques

We passed him there, knee-deep in snow,

Standing to watch the train go by,

A lonely man in overalls,

Outlined against the snowy sky.

Along by Field, where peak and heigh

Make ghostly shadows in the night.

His face was bitten by the cold,

His mittened hands were stiff and hard

Yet there he stood as staunch and true

As any soldier standing guard,

Keeping his trackage swept and bare

That we might pass in safety there.

Oh, unsung heroes of the land,

The lowly knight of mawl and spade,

His home a lonely section-house,

His trust a curving mile of grade.

Seen through the dusk, a tired wraith

Knee-deep in snow…he still keeps faith.

Source: Canadian Pacific Railway, Factors in Railway and Steamship Operation.