I should have checked…

I should have checked the notes I had about Thomas James Malloy (or Molloy). I knew this information was valid since everything fitted with what I had found about the Alexandre (Alexander) family…

the Alexandre Family

Luanne spent countless hours looking for Thomas James Malloy ancestors. I should have sent her this last night before signing off…



Concerning the Malloy – Thomas Malloy who married Philomene Alexandre was the son of James Malloy and Catherine Burns. They came from Ireland sometime between 1858 and 1861 when James died in Quebec. Thomas’s other siblings were Mary Malloy who married Michael McDonough and Patrick Malloy who married Mary Jane Baker – sister of my Ancestor John Baker, Anna Malloy and John Malloy who married Sophronie Regnier.

Descendants of James Molloy

Generation No. 1

1. James 1 Molloy was born in 1802 in Ireland, and died March 11, 1861 in Saint-Romuald de Farnham. He married Catherine Burns. She was born about 1822 in Ireland, and died July 27, 1874 in Saint-Romuald-de-Farnham.

Notes for James Molloy:

He must have come from Ireland between 1859, when Thomas was born, and 1861 when James died in Canada.

More About James Molloy:

Burial: March 13, 1861, Saint Romuald-de-Farnham

Notes for Catherine Burns:

1871 census Farnham, Missisquoi, Quebec as transcribed by LDS

Catharion Maley b 1822

Patrick Maley b 1847

Anna Maley b 1853

John Maley b 1855

Thomas Maley b 1859

died in 1874 – widow of ? Jacques Molloy of that parrish witness, Patrick Molloy and Joseph Croteau

Children of James Molloy and Catherine Burns are:


i. Mary 2 Molloy, b. December 26, 1847; d. January 25, 1936, Highgate, Vermont.


ii. Patrick Molloy, b. 1848, Ireland; d. May 24, 1912, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

iii. Anna Molloy, b. 1853.


iv. John Molloy, b. 1854, Ireland; d. 1919.


v. Thomas Molloy, b. 1859.

Generation No. 2

2. Mary 2 Molloy (James 1 ) was born December 26, 1847, and died January 25, 1936 in Highgate, Vermont. She married Michael McDonough April 09, 1866 in Farnham, St- Romuald, Quebec, Canada, son of James McDonough and Ann Mealy. He was born May 04, 1835 in St. Albans, and died June 08, 1925 in St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

More About Mary Molloy:

Burial: St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont

Notes for Michael McDonough:

1870 census St Albans, Franklin, Vermont

McDonough, James 70, Ireland, Farmer

Ann, 74, Ireland

next household

Michael McDonough, 35, Farmer, Canada

Mary, 22, (ditto – could be Canada or Ireland)

James 4, Vermont

Ann, 3, Vermont

Michael, 1, Vermont

Susan, 28, ditto

1900 Highgate Town, Franklin, Vermont

Michel McDonough May 1835, 65, married 35 years, Vermont, Ireland, Ireland Farmer

Mary, Dec 1845, 54, married 35 years, 9 children, 6 alive, Canada, Ireland, Ireland

Michael, son, March, 1870, 30, Vermont, Farm Laborer

Patrick, son, Feb. 1874, 26, Vermont, Farm Laborer

Katherine, daughter, Oct 1880, 19, Vermont

William, son, Jan 1886, 14, Vermont

1Marriage Notes for Mary Molloy and Michael McDonough:

Record says that Michael is from St. Albans parish.

Children of Mary Molloy and Michael McDonough are:

i. James 3 McDonough, b. 1866.

ii. Ann McDonough, b. 1867.

iii. Michael Henry McDonough, b. March 29, 1869, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont; d. January 21, 1947, Highgate, Franklin

County, Vermont; m. Florence Stimets, June 21, 1906, Highgate, Vermont.

iv. Thomas McDonough, b. 1871, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont; d. December 26, 1891, Highgate, Franklin County, Vermont.

v. Patrick McDonough, b. March 28, 1873; m. Elizabeth Mackin, June 23, 1908, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

vi. John McDonough, b. November 23, 1875.

vii. Bernard McDonough, b. 1878, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont; d. May 26, 1882, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

viii. Katherine McDonough, b. October 1880; m. Benard Spears, February 15, 1905, Highgate, Vermont.

ix. Joseph William McDonough, b. January 10, 1886; m. Addie May Beyor, May 06, 1908, Highgate, Vermont.

3. Patrick 2 Molloy (James 1 ) was born 1848 in ireland, and died May 24, 1912 in St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont. He married Mary Jane Baker

April 30, 1872 in Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge, Quebec, Canada, daughter of William Baker and Bridgette Glensky. She was born August 14, 1853 in Iberville, Stanbridge, Canada, and died 1901 in St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

Notes for Patrick Molloy:

birth in 1881 says Patrick was an employee of Vermont Central.

1881 Stanbridge, Missisquoi, Quebec

Patrick Maloy, 33, Irish, Section Foreman, Catholic- born in Ireland

Mary Jane Maloy, 28, English, Catholic – born in Quebec

Mary Ann Maloy, 8, Irish – born in Quebec

Sarah Maloy, 4, Irish

Kitty Maloy, 3, Irish

Hattie Maloy, 1, Irish

William Maloy, born in January

1900 St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont

Pat Molloy, 55, May 1845, married 28 years, Ireland – Section Man, RR – owned his home free of rent

Mary, wife, 47, July 1852, married 28 years, 15 children born, 11 alive

Annie, 27, daughter, March, 1873 – factory girl, overalls

Sabin, 23, daughter, Jan 1877 – factory girl, overalls

Katie, 21, daughter, Aug 1878, – factory girl, overalls

John, 17, son, Sept 1882, plumber

Aussie, daughter, 16, April 1884

Charles, son, 13, June 1886

Bill, daughter, 11, Jan 1889

Mary, daughter, 10, Aug 1889

Margaret, daughter, 6, 1894

William, son, Jan 1880, 20, single – section man, RR

1910 St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont

Patrick Maloy, 65, widower

Sarah, daughter, 32, Canada

Tessa, daughter, 26, Canada

Mary, daughter, 19, Vermont

Margaret, daughter, 16, Vermont

More About Patrick Molloy:

Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Franklin County, Vermont

More About Mary Jane Baker:

Baptism: August 14, 1853, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge

Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Franklin County, Vermont

Children of Patrick Molloy and Mary Baker are:

i. Mary Ann 3 Molloy, b. March 25, 1873, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge; m. James J. O’Neil, June 20, 1896, Vermont.

ii. Catherine Jane Molloy, b. March 1875, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge; d. March 30, 1875, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge.

Notes for Catherine Jane Molloy:


Notre Dame de Stanbridge-> Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge 1869 – 1877


Notre Dame de Stanbridge-> Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge 1869 – 1877

More About Catherine Jane Molloy:

Baptism: March 09, 1875, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge







Sarah Jane Molloy, b. January 20, 1877, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge; m. Daniel Murphy, September 25, 1912, St Albans,

Franklin County, Vermont.

Catherine Marie Augusta Molloy, b. September 01, 1878.

Hattie Elizabeth Molloy, b. August 18, 1880, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge; m. Hugh M. Patterson, October 15, 1902,


William James Carl Molloy, b. January 06, 1881.

John Patrick Molloy, b. September 24, 1882.

Mary Alry Molloy, b. April 02, 1884.

Notes for Mary Alry Molloy:

Marriage record says she’s 32 and her name is Sarah. 1900 census she’s called Sabin.





Arthur Bertrand Molloy, b. May 24, 1885, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge; d. August 17, 1886, Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge.

Charles Molloy, b. June 1886.

Bell Molloy, b. January 1889.

Mary M Molloy, b. August 1890, Franklin County, Vermont; d. August 07, 1911, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont.

More About Mary M Molloy:

Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Franklin County, Vermont


Margaret Molloy, b. January 1894, St Albans, Franklin County, Vermont; m. Max Cleveland, January 07, 1914, St Albans, Franklin

County, Vermont.

4. John 2 Molloy (James 1 ) was born 1854 in Ireland, and died 1919. He married Sophie Regnier May 11, 1875 in Saint-Romuald-de-Farnham,

daughter of Francis Regnier and Margaret Hebert. She was born 1853 in Canada, and died 1924.

Notes for John Molloy:

1881 census

Farnham, Missisquoi, Quebec, page 3, District 65

John Moby, 26

Sofy, 28

James 5

Francis, 3, male

Mary Anna, 1

Thomas Moby, 22, brother

Some of the information about John and Sophie and especially about their children were provided by Jerald Nichols a lot of info was obtained from the LDS Catholic Church Records and census records online.

More About John Molloy:

Burial: Catholic Cemetery in Thompson, Ct., located in North Grosvenor Dale, Windham, Connecticut

More About Sophie Regnier:

Burial: Catholic Cemetery in Thompson, Ct., located in North Grosvenor Dale, Windham, Connecticut

Marriage Notes for John Molloy and Sophie Regnier:

Children of John Molloy and Sophie Regnier are:


i. Jacques 3 Molloy, b. March 15, 1876.


ii. Joseph Francis Xavier Molloy, b. April 28, 1877, Saint Romuald de Farnham.

iii. Jean-Baptiste Molloy, b. July 06, 1878.

Notes for Jean-Baptiste Molloy:




Mary Ann Molloy, b. March 07, 1880; d. December 1962.








Unnamed Molloy, b. April 12, 1881.

Sarah Molloy, b. March 22, 1882; m. Ludger Gremire, May 29, 1906, St Johnsbury, Vermont; b. 1874.

Unnamed Molloy, b. January 03, 1885.

M Marguerite Anna Molloy, b. February 03, 1888; m. Henry Lapalme, May 25, 1909.

Theodule Patrick Molloy, b. March 29, 1890.

M. Alice Emma Molloy, b. March 06, 1892, Farnham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada; d. March 13, 1892, Farnham, Missisquoi,

Quebec, Canada.

Elisa Anna Molloy, b. June 1893, Farnham, Missisquoi, Quebec, Canada; m. Ludger Gremire; b. 1874.

5. Thomas 2 Molloy (James 1 ) was born 1859. He married Philomene Alexandre August 31, 1880 in Notre-Dame-des-Anges de Stanbridge, Quebec, Canada, daughter of Jean Alexandre and Philomene Lagasse. She was born 1865, and died 1906 in

From relatives.

Notes for Thomas Molloy:

1881, single, with brother John Molloy and wife Sophie Regnier in Farnham, Missiquoi Quebec

Marriage Notes for Thomas Molloy and Philomene Alexandre:

Marriage record says he is the son of James and Catherine Burns.

No other Maloys sign his marriage record.

Children of Thomas Molloy and Philomene Alexandre are:

i. George Theodure 3 Mulloy, b. April 01, 1883.

ii. Marie Caroline Molloy, b. March 08, 1885.

iii. Marie Sarah Molloy, b. April 11, 1886.

iv. James Thomas Molloy, b. July 17, 1887, Notre Dame des Agnes de Stanbridge.

Famous people on Our Ancestors

There are thousands of famous people on Our Ancestors.

This is the latest one. His name is Royal Bourelle a steam roller operator. Royal Bourelle is famous because, like all the famous people on Our Ancestors, he worked hard all his life and left many descendants some of which will eventually stumble upon Our Ancestors.

This obituary tells all we need to know about him.

Most of his descendants don’t have the faintess idea who Royal Bourelle was. This is why I am writing about him with Luanne’s permission. Luanne is my new found third cousin once removed. She sent me Royal Bourelle’s obituary. Luanne is the one who commented on her grandmother Agnes Molloy who I first thought was Bertha Molloy.

Honest mistake…

It’s easy to get confused when you work on your great-grandfather’s siblings like I did with Joseph Miller Lagasse’s descendants.

Joseph was Philomène Lagasse’s brother. Philomène was Luanne’s great-great-grandmother which makes us third cousins once removed. Philomène is seen here in the centre with her six daughters.

One is Luanne’s great-grandmother.

I think she is at 2 o’clock. In fact I pretty sure.

I have been looking for all of my great-grandfather’s siblings’ descendants because I know how exciting it is to see old photographs of our ancestors. If you don’t know how I am related to Robin who had shared so many old photographs with me, you should use the search button at the bottom and type her name.

The search feature is a great tool to find lost ancestors. Another tool is the comment section you can use to contact me. This is how Luanne found a third cousin who knows so much about her ancestors it’s well…


Addicted to genealogy since 2007, and blogging about it since 2009 in English*, I am still in perfect control of my obsession with your ancestors when I feel someone is interested.

I don’t monetise my blog. I could, but money is the root of all evil. Instead I have found something more precious…

Pépère Bourelle’s photo.

* I also have a French version…

Confused? You should not be anymore

This is what I wrote in 2017. I had these pictures since 2011 when Robin shared them. You all know how Robin and I are not related don’t you? I wonder if Robin is still following Our Ancestors.

Read the original post, then the comment I just got from Luanne.


You ought to be. I am also confused when I read back some of what I wrote on Our Ancestors.

I had a comment about Mary Malloy this week. I said I would check it out. Finally it wasn’t the same Mary Malloy…

Thanks for checking it out. I suppose it must not be the same Mary. Maybe all Malloys just look alike.

Mary married Enrico Abraham Turconi.

Who’s Mary. It’s her on this old picture.

Mary Malloy

At first this picture had only some handwriting on it. I compared it to someone’s handwriting and found who she really was.


I am sure Mary Molloy married Enrico Abraham Turconi and had these children:

Albert Turconi 1907–
Mary Turconi 1907–
Agnes Turconi 1908–
Viola Turconi 1911–2013

If you ever stumble on my blog and get confused, just drop me a line to clear up any confusion about who were your ancestors.


Not sure if photo is Mary Malloy, my great aunt, but photo of Agnes Malloy (First Communion) is definitely my maternal grandmother.

Little Elva

Our Ancestors was created 10 years ago, and I decided to go public with my Ancestry tree last year. Yesterday morning when I opened my inbox I had a message from Ancestry. Then I had this comment on Our Ancestors.

My name is Laura.

While doing some family research on Ancestry.com, I found that you have several photographs of my relatives, namely my grandmother Virginia Ruth Brown, her mother, my great-grandmother Elisabeth Rose (Smith) Brown, and my great-great-grandmother Elva Lagasa. I would love to know more about how you are connected to my family.

This is Little Elva.

Elva Lagassa in family picture

I had written about Little Elva and her family when someone else found Our Ancestors a few years ago and started sharing what he knew about his Lagasa ancestors who of course were Lagacés.

So I got working on that branch of Lagacés.

grandpa Lagasa's mother

I can’t remember exacty how many posts I wrote on Our Ancestors, but I know it’s a lot. Laura wants to get back on Our Ancestors and read what I wrote.

I might be mind-boggling Laura.

LaGasa, 1966 Nov 25

1940 Arthur J LaGasa

1900 Mitchell Lagasa and Delia Rock

Lagasa, Mitchel - marriage

Lagasa, Milton

Lagasa, Lillian

Lagasa, Joseph

Lagasa, Joseph L - marriage 1914

Lagasa, Joseph 2

Lagasa, James

Lagasa, Frank

Lagasa, Eliza

Lagasa, Delia

Joseph Lagasa 1841-1920

Joseph LaGasa

I think she will need some help…

About the Campbells…

A comment just made…

Good day,

There were no demobilized soldiers in Col. Fraser’s 78th Regiment by the name Daniel McKinnon; there was, however, one named [Corporal] Donald McKenon. He discharged in 1763 in Quebec. – Daniel & Donald are sometimes, but not always, interchangeable in Scotland, because “Domhnall,” the Gaelic version of Donald, may be Anglicised as Daniel.

I can confirm Col. Fraser did have a small footprint in Deschambault-Grondines c.Nov. 1761, but the length of duration is currently unknown. The document I have on Donald states had the misfortune of being plundered by some indians, where he lost many of his personal effect – including discharge papers from the Regiment. It also states he fathered 20 children – 10 that were still alive in March 1800, the date of the document. You can contact me through email or my blog if a copy is required.

The transcribed version is here: https://frasers78th.blogspot.com/2017/11/private-donald-mckinnon-78th-regiment.html

Donald discharged from Capt. John Nairn’s Company of the Regiment and listed as soldier #118 here:


Hope this helps!