Sunday Morning – Remembering the Little Flower Girl

Program note

Our Ancestors will be on only on Sundays for now.

My third cousin Luanne is now following Our Ancestors. She has read a few posts I had written. She wrote in a comment that the flower girl is four years-old and not seven. I now agree since I have a seven year-old granddaughter and the flower girl does not look a bit seven.

Beatrice Lepage, born in 1908, is the bridesmaid. She is 24 on that wedding picture. The flower girl is her niece, and Beatrice Lepage is most probably her godmother.

The flower girl’s parents were Bertha Lepage and Forrest Ivan Ashley. Their first child was Beatrice Ashley born on October 6, 1928. Beatrice would have been four years-old in 1932.

Beatrice Virginia Ashley married Theodore Murphy. I found Beatrice on Find a Grave and I added her photo for any relative looking for her.

Next Sunday we will meet Josephine Dubé and her husband Napoleon Duquette, the bridesmaid and the best man at Malvina’s wedding…

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning – Remembering the Little Flower Girl

  1. I am flummoxed (again). Why is my father there.?

    Remember that mystery woman pic I sent you? Years ago 🙂 it’s Oval, just a woman’s portrait I found beneath a wedding pic in an oval frame? Could the bride be her?


  2. Thank you for sharing your families and their stories! What a wonderful way to honor them. The events of ordinary people living out their dally lives is much more interesting to me than any celebrity story.

  3. I was thinking this morning that the little gi girl had to be little Beatrice. I did now this woman through my mom, when my mom was alive

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