All aboard!

Patrick Moloy or Molloy was a section foreman and his brother Thomas was a section man. The train station does not exist anymore. This is what you get on Google Maps….

If you stumble by chance on this blog and on this post, you might wonder who is writing about a train station that doesn’t exist anymore…

And then you get curious… And the more you get curious, the more you get curious again, and again.

While looking for Ada Pendlebury on old photos I think I stumbled upon Malvina

young woman Bristol

I have never met Malvina Lagasse, my grandfather’s sister. In fact before 2019, Malvina was just a name in my family tree. Then I got lucky when Susan contacted me last year with Malvina’s wedding picture.

This is a picture I had of Malvina, but I did not know she was there with her father Stanislas (the old man with the mustache and the suspenders) and her brother Dennis who is in back almost invisible to see.


When you think your search is all over for your ancestors, another search is just around the corner… I am still looking for who were the bridesmaid and the best man.

Joseph Dubé and Malvina Lagasse

Malvina’s wedding picture

Do you think this is Malvina?

young woman Bristol