Little Elva

Our Ancestors was created 10 years ago, and I decided to go public with my Ancestry tree last year. Yesterday morning when I opened my inbox I had a message from Ancestry. Then I had this comment on Our Ancestors.

My name is Laura.

While doing some family research on, I found that you have several photographs of my relatives, namely my grandmother Virginia Ruth Brown, her mother, my great-grandmother Elisabeth Rose (Smith) Brown, and my great-great-grandmother Elva Lagasa. I would love to know more about how you are connected to my family.

This is Little Elva.

Elva Lagassa in family picture

I had written about Little Elva and her family when someone else found Our Ancestors a few years ago and started sharing what he knew about his Lagasa ancestors who of course were Lagacés.

So I got working on that branch of Lagacés.

grandpa Lagasa's mother

I can’t remember exacty how many posts I wrote on Our Ancestors, but I know it’s a lot. Laura wants to get back on Our Ancestors and read what I wrote.

I might be mind-boggling Laura.

LaGasa, 1966 Nov 25

1940 Arthur J LaGasa

1900 Mitchell Lagasa and Delia Rock

Lagasa, Mitchel - marriage

Lagasa, Milton

Lagasa, Lillian

Lagasa, Joseph

Lagasa, Joseph L - marriage 1914

Lagasa, Joseph 2

Lagasa, James

Lagasa, Frank

Lagasa, Eliza

Lagasa, Delia

Joseph Lagasa 1841-1920

Joseph LaGasa

I think she will need some help…

3 thoughts on “Little Elva

  1. Pierre, I’ve recently done some more research on Frank and Lois and their brood. There was a boy, George, b 18 Sep 1914 who was adopted. George may have been a twin. There was also twin girls, born 27 Nov 1916 who were adopted (info from another researcher). I found Lois Rose’s death certificate. She is listed as Lois Rose LagGassa, and she died 24 Jul 1929 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co, MI. The informant is her sister.

    Furthermore, in the Minnesota births index are 2 more children that you might find interesting. The father is Lagace, the mother is named Forman. One on 3 Apr 1912 in Hennepin Co, MN and another on 19 Jan 1914 Hennepin Co, MN. The dates don’t quite fit into Frank and Lois’ family but it’s possible. Who else could the children belong to?

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