Little Elva

Our Ancestors was created 10 years ago, and I decided to go public with my Ancestry tree last year. Yesterday morning when I opened my inbox I had a message from Ancestry. Then I had this comment on Our Ancestors.

My name is Laura.

While doing some family research on, I found that you have several photographs of my relatives, namely my grandmother Virginia Ruth Brown, her mother, my great-grandmother Elisabeth Rose (Smith) Brown, and my great-great-grandmother Elva Lagasa. I would love to know more about how you are connected to my family.

This is Little Elva.

Elva Lagassa in family picture

I had written about Little Elva and her family when someone else found Our Ancestors a few years ago and started sharing what he knew about his Lagasa ancestors who of course were Lagacés.

So I got working on that branch of Lagacés.

grandpa Lagasa's mother

I can’t remember exacty how many posts I wrote on Our Ancestors, but I know it’s a lot. Laura wants to get back on Our Ancestors and read what I wrote.

I might be mind-boggling Laura.

LaGasa, 1966 Nov 25

1940 Arthur J LaGasa

1900 Mitchell Lagasa and Delia Rock

Lagasa, Mitchel - marriage

Lagasa, Milton

Lagasa, Lillian

Lagasa, Joseph

Lagasa, Joseph L - marriage 1914

Lagasa, Joseph 2

Lagasa, James

Lagasa, Frank

Lagasa, Eliza

Lagasa, Delia

Joseph Lagasa 1841-1920

Joseph LaGasa

I think she will need some help…