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There were no demobilized soldiers in Col. Fraser’s 78th Regiment by the name Daniel McKinnon; there was, however, one named [Corporal] Donald McKenon. He discharged in 1763 in Quebec. – Daniel & Donald are sometimes, but not always, interchangeable in Scotland, because “Domhnall,” the Gaelic version of Donald, may be Anglicised as Daniel.

I can confirm Col. Fraser did have a small footprint in Deschambault-Grondines c.Nov. 1761, but the length of duration is currently unknown. The document I have on Donald states had the misfortune of being plundered by some indians, where he lost many of his personal effect – including discharge papers from the Regiment. It also states he fathered 20 children – 10 that were still alive in March 1800, the date of the document. You can contact me through email or my blog if a copy is required.

The transcribed version is here: https://frasers78th.blogspot.com/2017/11/private-donald-mckinnon-78th-regiment.html

Donald discharged from Capt. John Nairn’s Company of the Regiment and listed as soldier #118 here:


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